UX Case Study

Find a Roommate

Platform that will make it easy to find roommates to share living space. Project carried out as part of the postgraduate studies in User Experience Design / Product Design at the SWPS University.

Project overview

Finding the right person to share a living space is challenging, and the risk of running into “other-worldly” co-renters is high. Because of this, the rental process can be long and stressful. At the same time, more and more people will likely choose to rent coliving spaces for a variety of reasons. It’s not just the lack of affordable housing that leads to cohabitation – many people are simply looking for companionship. Social and economic factors are influencing the popularity of co-housing. Many people do not want to live alone or cannot afford to do so for financial reasons.

We created a platform that will make it easy to find roommates to share living space.

For whom: private persons interested in coliving

Need: finding potential roommates matching your preferences

My role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: October 2021 – June 2022

Team: 5 students

Tools: Axure RP, Google Forms, Google Slides, Mural

End users: Young adults, students

Focus: Desk research, In-depth interviews, Card Sorting, Affinity Mapping, Customer Journej Maps, Value Proposition, Key Performance Indicators, Minimum Viable Product, User Scenarios, User Story Mapping, Wireflows


2 months
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Our Goals
  • Better understanding and verification of the target group
  • Getting to know the way of thinking and current functioning of people surveyed in the area of the selected project issue
  • Discovering the needs, concerns, and limitations of future users
Executive summary
  1. Coliving is a modern form of shared living in which tenants have a private bedroom but share common spaces, such as the kitchen and living room. Coliving is popular in large cities as a way of affordable living for students, young adults, or people who move frequently. 
  2. We explored the needs of those who are most likely to choose to live with roommates – students and young adults. We conducted 10 individual, in-depth interviews and desk research. Our research revealed that an appropriately selected roommate is key to satisfaction with the space they live in. Lack of understanding between roommates is often the reason for changing the apartment. 
  3. The main problem in the process of finding a roommate is the lack of appropriate tools to “objectively” select the people with whom you would like to live. Learning more about their character traits, personality, or habits before moving in would enable a more informed decision on choosing a roommate. 
  4. We recommend that a tool be created to facilitate the process of finding a suitable roommate. 


2 months
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Work done

Value Proposition, Customer Jouney Map, Key Performance Indicators, Benchmarking, Minimum Viable Product and future development


1 months
  • 6 user scenarios
  • 6 user flows
  • 6 wireflows


Offer page




Adding an offer





Usability Testing

1 months

Our survey showed that, in the eyes of our chosen target group, our solution seems to be an innovative tool they have not encountered before on the Polish market. The respondents were eager to recommend our solution to their friends and believed that it would definitely be helpful when looking for a shared apartment. What is worth mentioning – the respondents perceived the target group of our solution similarly to us – young people, mainly students.

Although for the most part the site was intuitive to users, we detected some problems, including strategic from a business perspective:

  • Users were unsure how to use the
    using the search engine (they didn’t know which category they should select  tenant or room)
  • Users had problems noticing the match rate on the list of ads.


These problems directly affected the basic operation of the site and could make our USP – matching of ideal tenants would not be noticed by users.

Recent work

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