Design system

The design system was crafted based on Brad Frost’s “Atomic Design” methodology, which categorizes the tiniest UI components such as icons and labels as “atoms”. These atoms are subsequently pieced together to form more sophisticated UI elements referred to as “molecules” (such as buttons and inputs) that form more complex components called “organisms” (such as cards).

Project overview

I am directly responsible for developing the whole product – recruitment SaaS platform. Getting to this solution requires strategic planning, research, cross-functional collaboration, testing, and lot of prototyping.

My role: UX/UI Designer

Years: 2022 – Today

Tools: Figma, Google Meet, Google Docs, Slack, ClickUp

Link: Gyfted


Typography: Poppins

Design elements

Components library

Recent work

When I was in a primary school, I’ve loved writing stories on blogs 👩🏻‍💻. I’ve realized that websites need to have nice graphic layout to be easy to read and attract readers, so I started design 🎨 interfaces, layouts, headers, banners, gifs and logos for other bloggers. Now I do similar things for thousands of users 🌎.

I enjoy 🤍 minimal live and 🎮 video games, which influence me to include 🐒 fun but 🧹 clean element in my designs.

Pizza 🍕 and yoghurt ice cream🍦 are two things that make me happy.

Why “Naskela”? Aleksandra -> Aleksan -> Naskela 🙋🏻‍♀️